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Get your “Elfing” on!!!!

Such great memories from our 1st Elfing excursion!

Want a fun and easy way to spread some holiday cheer? Look no more! Go Elfing! Elfing is a fun way to spread holiday cheer to friends & loved ones. And we could definitely all use more cheer in our lives. Elfing is even easier with the free printable I've created below!

This idea is like "Booing" your friends during Halloween. Instead of ghosts & goblins, the Elfing theme takes on a winter theme brings holiday vibes to your friends! We started Elfing during Covid to reach out to loved ones in a safe manner. The kids had so much fun, we had to share this printable so everyone can go Elfing!

Here Are The Elfing Directions:

  1. Think about something you'd like to give your friends, family & neighbors. You can bake something yummy, buy something yummy or gift non edible treats. It's totally up to you and considering your recipient. Below are two easy, kid friendly baking gift ideas. Both recipes are great for Elfing because they are super easy, kid friendly recipes! The concept is to let someone know they are loved. What's a better way to show love than with a baked good???

Christmas Toffee Cracker Cookies

2. Wrap up your surprise as festive as you'd like. Using compostable packaging is even better! If you make the Holiday Chocolate Chip Bread, here's a compostable gift wrapping idea. This eco friendly wrapping is not just beautiful, it's smells amazing! Wrap all your gifts this way!

Beautiful gift wrapping that's completely compostable

3. Add the printable below to explain that they got "Elfed" and how they can continue to spread the cheer.

4. Place the"We've Been Elfed" sign in a front window or door. This let's other Elfers know that you've received a surprise.

5. Wait till it's dark to drop off your surprise. You can drop off in the daytime too. It's just more festive & mysterious at night. Ring your friend's doorbell and run as fast as you can! My kids loved this part the most. I usually texted the friend to let them know the surprise was from us and it was safe to open.

The free printable I made makes elfing simple and easy! This printable below looks great in color and in black and white!

With everything happening in this world, spreading a little joy can go a long way. Remember your blessings and count them often. Have a joyful Holiday season this year!

Happy Elfing!!!!

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