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Compostable Zero Waste Christmas Gift Packaging

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

I’ve always been enamored with old world decorations. Especially because old world design has one central theme, nature. This wrapping I’m sharing today has a vintage, rustic feel which I love!

With the holidays and gift wrapping, I wanted to be mindful of the waste I was creating. Inspired by old world decorations, I wanted to change how I wrap my gifts. I only wanted to use items that were compostable. After some trial & error, I succeeded in designing a completely zero waste gift! After the chocolate chip banana bread is eaten (click here for the recipe) the packaging can be composted, leaving zero waste behind!

I started off by wrapping the breads in parchment paper. Click here for the parchment paper I used. I had to figure out a way to wrap them without tape, because tape is not compostable. Here‘s step by step pictures below!

After wrapping the bread in parchment paper, I decided to wrap them in kraft postal paper or butcher block paper. You could stop at just the parchment paper, but I wanted to make sure no moisture showed through. Kraft paper is free of dyes and compostable so it was perfect! Click here for the paper I used. I used the same wrapping technique for the Kraft paper.

So now comes the fun part...decorating!!! What better way to decorate for the season than with seasonal items? I went in my yard and grabbed what is in season for December, citrus! I sliced some oranges and dried them in the oven. Then I grabbed some lavender because I wanted to add some green (and it smells amazing). I tied it all together with some twine for a stunning and sustainably wrapped gift!

I also used some holly branches from our yard for a truly festive look. Honestly anything colorful and natural will look great against the brown back drop.

And there you have it! This is just one of many zero waste gift wrap ideas. You don't just have to wrap baked goods this way. You could wrap all of your holiday gifts this way! I hope my sustainable journey inspires you with more ideas! Happy Holidays!!!!

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