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About Me

Kirn Pitamber

Hi! My name is Kirn and I’m so excited to share my journey to celebrate my Aatma (my soul)!!! I started this blog from the inspiration of some amazing teachers…my children. They love what they love and do what makes them happy. It’s sounds so simple. Labels and social biases can keep us from celebrating who we truly are. Which is why we are listening to what makes our kids happy and sharing our journey towards gender free, non gender bias parenting.  We are here on this earth for such a short time, why not be true to ourselves??? This is exactly why I'm sharing this blog.  I love to create and sew and cook. My experiences in the fashion industry, social work & parenting have all brought me to this point. 

My family is also moving towards more mindful, sustainable living practices while still enjoying life. Believe me, fashion, food and family can still be celebrated!

Join me as I celebrate my Aatma and share my happy places. Hopefully this will become a happy place for you and inspire you to celebrate your Aatma!

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