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Healthy Pumpkin Spiced Latte Dairy Free & Vegan

It's the beginning of Fall y'all! Pumpkin spiced lattes are advertised everywhere but where is the dairy free version? On top of this, most pumpkin spiced lattes are WAY too sweet for me. So naturally I decided to make up my own PSL that I could enjoy without a stomach ache & possible tooth ache. Not only is this PSL recipe dairy free, it's healthier and super yummy! Starbuck's grande pumpkin spice latte is filled with refined sugars and is 380 calories with 2% milk. This version is only 195 calories, uses healthier sweeteners, and is packed with vitamins & antioxidants. Best of all you can tweak it to your own taste buds! So save your money & calories and make your own PSL!


2 TBSP pumpkin puree

1/4 TSP pumpkin pie spice

1 TBSP maple syrup

1 TBSP turbinado sugar(or any natural sugar)

1 1/4 C hot brewed coffee

3/4 C vanilla oat milk (or your milk of choice)

sprinkle of cinnamon

Add pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, maple syrup & sugar into your coffee up & mix well. Mix in your hot brewed coffee till combined. Froth or heat up your milk and add it to your coffee. Sprinkle with cinnamon on top and enjoy!!!

Why do I consider this a "healthy" version? Let's start with the pumpkin puree. Pumpkin is not only delicious, but it's rich in fiber and beta-carotene. The sweeteners I use both are less refined sugars which we could all use less of. Turbinado sugar adds an amazing caramel taste and happens to be vegan! Maple syrup adds the quintessential fall flavor and is loaded with antioxidants. Put all of these healthy ingredients together and you have one powerful morning concoction!

Oat milk is my go to for my coffee because it's so creamy! You will not miss real cream in your coffee once you try oat milk. If you don't have vanilla flavored milk you can add a splash of vanilla extract to your milk of choice. I use vanilla oat milk which adds even more flavor. I've found not all oat milks froth, but the brand "Oatly" and Target's brand "Good & Gather" froth beautifully! Links for both are below.

And there you have it! Enjoy this dairy free pumpkin spiced latte that is heathier than any coffee shop version, and just as tasty! Take these ingredients and customize away to make it perfect for your taste. Pumpkin is something I loooove to cook with. So stay tuned for more pumpkin recipes!!!

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