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Go "Booing" This Halloween! Free Printable & Gift Ideas!

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

You've got your candy, you've got your costume and you've decorated all things spooky. But have you gone "Booing" yet??? Add another fun activity to your Halloween traditions and go "Booing!"

Booing is part trick and part treat. And I've done all of the work for you! Download this free "Booing" flyer and the rest of the fun is up to you. The instructions are pretty simple:

1. Think about people who would appreciate a little surprise at their doorstep.

2. Make or buy a treat you think they would enjoy. It doesn't even have to be food. You know your people, so leave something they would appreciate. Leave a plant or flowers or veggies from your garden. It's all about letting people know they are special to you.

Here’s an easy recipe for Halloween popcorn that‘s perfect to bag up and “Boo” friends with!

3. Add this flyer to your treat. The instructions are important so that your recipient will pay it forward and "Boo" others.

4. Wait till it's dark and spooky outside. You can"Boo"in the daytime but it's more mysterious and fun at night. My kids will vouch for that. Ring the doorbell and leave your treat and run fast! Playing the ding dong ditch game is my kids' favorite part! I usually text the recipient later to let them know it was us for safety reasons.

We're down for any activity that will spread cheer! Hope you have as much fun "Booing" as my family does! Be safe and have a Happy Halloween!!!

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