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DIY Valentine Bees Wax Wrap Gifts

"Wrap" your friends with love this Valentine's day! Check out these adorable DIY Valentine bees wax wraps! With Valentine's Day around the corner, I've been thinking about what to give friends and teachers. I've been hearing about bees wax wraps that take the place of plastic wrap. One time use plastic is something most of us are trying to cut down on. Anything reusable sounds like a great gift, so why not Valentine bees wax wraps?! And it's a kid-friendly activity!

Some recipes use a mix of jojoba oil or coconut oil. Some recipes use pine resin. I only had coconut oil on hand so I experimented with that. Bees wax alone seemed to help keep the shape of the wraps. So I just used bees wax. I bought bees wax pellets which made the process faster and easier. If you buy a big block of bees wax you have to shred it up to spread all over. My kids were helping me so pellets were a safer option.

The bees wax can yellow light colored fabric. So I opted for dark & bright colored Valentine prints. I also decided to use pinking shears to lessen fraying.

I've seen 2 methods for making bees wax wraps. You can use an iron with parchment paper or you can place everything in a pan in the oven. I decided to do the oven method because my kids wanted to help and again was a safer option.

Here's what I used:

-bees wax pellets (from Michael's click here)

-dark, bright 100% cotton Valentine fabric (from JoAnn Fabrics click here)


I also used an old cookie sheet with a lip and a clean paint brush(not pictured)

Step 1

Heat your oven to medium/low heat. I put my oven on 350 degrees. Decide what size and shape you'll use most. For this gift set I made a rectangle, square and a circle. To decide the size, I placed a dish on the wrong side of the fabric and measured an extra 2.5 inches around. Then I cut it out.

Step 2

Place your cut fabric on the cookie sheet. It doesn't matter what side. Sprinkle enough pellets to cover the fabric.

Step 3

Place the cookie sheet in the heated oven. It took about 4-5 minutes for the pellets to melt. Make sure to check so the wax doesn't burn as all ovens vary. You just want to melt the wax. Once the fabric looks wet, remove from the oven. Quickly "paint" the wax around to reach any dry areas.

Step 4

Carefully pick up the fabric by the corners. Wave the fabric in the air for a couple of seconds till mostly dry. Waving is very important so the wax stays even. Then place on a drying rack or hang with clips to completely dry. It will dry within minutes.

Step 5

Using pinking shears, cut approximately 1/4 around the fabric. I find it easier to cut at the end because the fabric is stiff. You may have extra wax on the edges to trim off, so this takes care of that step.

And you're all done! I rolled the wraps up and tied them with some tulle I already had. How cute are these for Valentine gifts??!!

A couple of things to know about bees wax wraps.

1. They mold with the warmth of your hands. So to shape them you just have to place your hands on a section for a couple of seconds.

2. Bees wax has a very distinct smell. My kids didn't like it as first, but are fine with it now. Just think of it as the "smell of wrapped love." I personally love the smell.

3. Bees wax wraps can last for about one year. Some say these wraps can last longer. Just melt more bees wax on the areas that need it to prolong it's life.

4. Bees wax wraps are compostable! When it is time to say R.I.P. to your wrap, you can toss it in your compost for Mother Nature to enjoy.

5. Wash the wraps with cool water and gentle soap. Hot water will melt the bees wax and quickly warp the wrap.

6. Because you must use cool water to clean it, I would not recommend using these for raw meat.

7. Bees wax wraps won't work exactly like plastic wrap. These wraps will "mold" around your dish. It won't "cling" and be super air tight. You could tie string around your wrap & dish for a tighter grip.

8. Make sure to use 100% cotton for your wraps so that you can compost them afterwards.

The kids feel so much pride when they give gifts they made. We made some wraps to use for our own family to use as well. I may try a different recipe later, but these wraps turned out great for the first try!

And that's a"wrap!" I hope you try this easy DIY gift and make them for your friends, teachers and for yourself! It's so easy and affordable and best of all it's helping more people be plastic-free!

Have a Happy & plastic-free Valentine's Day!

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2 Yorum

Kirn Pitamber
11 Şub 2020

Yayy!!! I’m so glad you like it! Your kids will have fun making it!


Karen DiNapoli
Karen DiNapoli
11 Şub 2020

Such a cute idea!!! I love it! It’s unique, earth friendly, and useful all at the same time! My kind of gift!

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