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How to Host a Galentine's Day Party

"What is Galentine's Day? Only the best day of the Year!!!" -Leslie Knope from the Sitcom Parks and Recreation

What Is it???

We all know what February 14th is about, but what about February 13th? This is a day to celebrate friendship. This day is for friends who cheer you on, make you laugh, and when they ask you, "How are you?", you can genuinely answer with the truth. They deserve to be honored. I've been hosting a Galentine's Day Party for a couple of years now and it brings me so much joy! Every year I gather friends (no partners or kids) and do a potluck & gift exchange to celebrate the heck out of each other.


Here's what my invitation looks like. It's simple and stress free...

"You are invited to a Galentine’s Day Lunch in honor of my pals!!💛  Leave the partners & kids behind & let us eat, drink, and celebrate each other! 

Please bring a dish to share & a wrapped gift ($15) you think another pal would like. Some gift ideas are your favorite toiletries, kitchen gadgets, make up, or anything useful or pampering. 

Simple, fun & joyous....let’s celebrate #galentinesday !!!💐"


My main goal for this party is to ENJOY it. Cooking should be minimal if at all. I usually make a lemon cake (that everyone loves) and some appetizers I can throw in the oven. Potluck style works well and there's always a variety of food. I keep it simple and don't assign dishes. Just bring whatever you feel like. If you have time to cook then great! If you've had a rough week & bring fruit that's fine too! Keeping everything simple & joyful is my goal. Fortunately I've been blessed with friends who are amazing cooks. There is no better breakfast than Galentine's Day leftovers in the morning!

easy appetizer ideas for parties
Simple appetizers I threw in the oven right before the party

lemon cake
Easy lemon cake everyone loves (posting recipe soon!)

Galentine's Day potluck leftover breakfast
Galentine's Day leftovers for breakfast


The game is basically a "white elephant gift exchange." It's hilarious to watch gifts get stolen & taken back. I give suggestions for gifts on the invitation to help with shopping. Some gift suggestions include pampering gifts, helpful kitchen gadgets or a product you love. Sometimes a gag gift gets thrown into the mix. Pink fuzzy handcuffs showed up one year. (you know who you are, I love you).

Galentine's day gift exchange party games
"Oh You Beautiful Rule-Breaking Moth!" -Leslie Knope

Galentines day gift exchange party game
"It's ok my Poetic Land Mermaid!" -Leslie Knope


Potluck also means that instead of focusing on food I can focus on other things, like decorating! Because it's springtime I love to mix in items from our garden. Thanks to our gigantic lemon tree I'm able to fill bowls of lemons and place them all over. Lemons also become a party favor so guests can take them home! Fresh flower arrangements are always fun to have. I bought banners the first year I hosted and continue to use them. I invested in some white table cloths that I use for every party.

Lemons can double as decor and a party favor
When life gives you lemons, you share them with friends!

Flowers, vases, cake stand, conversation hearts and a little imagination

Chalkboards always show up at my parties. Its a fun way to get a message across. Add beautiful artwork and it doubles as decor!

use chalkboard art to welcome guests inside
Welcome guests inside with creative chalkboard art

easy mimosa bar
Easy mimosa bar idea that makes everyone say "Sip, Sip, Hurray"


How cute is this Mimosa bar or as I call it, "Bubbly Bar????" Not everyone drinks so I make sure to have champagne and sparkling water so guests can choose their "bubbly." Add an array of juice and cut up fruit for garnish, and your mimosa bar that looks fancy (but is not), is ready! Post will be up soon detailing this fun mimosa bar!

Thank you to all of my "Beautiful Tropical Fish!" -Leslie Knope

And there you have it! Call this party whatever you want, it's a time to show gratitude. Of course not everyone can make it. And quite honestly some of my friends aren't big on social gatherings. That's perfectly OK in my book. Making time for a one on one hike or even a phone call can still be a Galentine celebration. Friendship is about seeing each other's light & being their for each other. So call your friends and tell them how much they mean to you! And to all my friends I love you & celebrate you!

give lemons as a party favor for Galentines day party
Friends are the sugar to life's lemonade

I hope this post gives inspiration to celebrate Galentine's day in your own special way!

There are so many more details about this party that I want to share! I actually made this party close to zero waste this year & will be posting all about the details! Stay tuned!

Happy Galentine's Day!!!

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