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  • Kirn Pitamber

Upcycle Halloween Candy with Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

Here's an easy treat to make with the kids for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving or just a good reason to use up your candy corn from Halloween! Variations of this idea are all over Pinterest and we loved the idea of up cycling candy! We made these for a Friendsgiving and they were a hit! The best part was that the kids could proudly say,"I made this." If you're needing to bring something why not make it a fun activity and involve the kids?

I love cupacakes because they require no silverware which equals zero waste. We even swapped our regular cupcake wrappers for these compostable wrappers. Click here for the wrappers I used.

All you need is

- cupcakes flavor your choice (you can even go to the bakery dept. at your grocery and ask for plain cupcakes)

-chocolate frosting

-medium size candy eyes

-candy corn

Just frost your cupcake, add the candy corn as shown, 7 candy corns on top and 1 candy corn on the bottom. Then add the eyes and your done! Minimal work with a major cuteness! As with any kid friendly activity, the focus is on the fun, not perfection. Making these cupcakes have become a tradition in our family.

Whatever you do this thanksgiving, I hope you take a moment and give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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