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  • Kirn Pitamber

Falafel Mezze Platter

What better way to enjoy a summer get together than with a platter of fresh homegrown vegetables??? Ditch the boring veggie platter and make this falafel mezze platter! This platter is such a great way to share your summer garden veggies! This platter was as actually inspired around our summer herbs & vegetables. We added our homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons & herbs and it was amazing! Honestly just add whatever veggies your growing and it would go well in this platter. Store bought veggies are great too! My motto is always use what you have first! We already had the falafels and it was a great way to add something more filling to the platter.

I also love the idea of a mezze platter during the summer time. What Is a mezze platter? Mezze (or meze) is way of eating in the Mediterranean region. Its an array of small dishes that can be an appetizer or can be a light meal. Grazing over small dishes instead of a heavy meal sounds perfect for the summertime dining.


  • 1 large tray, 3 small cups or ramekins

  • Falafels (1 or 2 bags, consider your party size)

  • 10 pita or naan (I used naan because I had it)

  • 1 (2-3 cups) cucumber thinly sliced

  • 2-3 cups bite size tomatoes

  • 2 handful of herbs like parsley, cilantro, fennel or chives (I used our garden fennel & chives)

  • 1 cup hummus

  • 1 cup tzatziki sauce

  • 1 cup dates

  • 4 lemons cut into small wedges

  1. Heat up your falafel according to instructions. Line your tray with parchment if you'd like. I used a wood tray & opted to do this.

  2. Thoroughly wash & dry your herbs. Cut into bite size pieces. Lay your herbs in the middle of your tray making a bed for your falafel.

  3. Fill your cups or ramekins with the dips and dates.

  4. Place your cucumbers & tomatoes and any other vegetables you have on the tray. Get artistic & play with your food!

  5. Heat up pita/naan according to instuctions, making sure it stays soft.

  6. Once pita/naan is done cut into 1/2 or 1/4 depending on the size. Remember we are making bite size falefel wraps.

  7. Fan out pita/naan on tray.

  8. Wrap up the spread, veggies, herbs & squeeze lemon over it all. Enjoy!

Again I used what I had and the platter turned out amazing! That's what I love about this type of platter. You can add all types of things. A couple of ideas that would go well with a falafel mezze platter are different types of cheeses, dried fruits, olives, and a variety of nuts. Add your personal favorites!

Hope you're having a wonderful summer and stay tuned for more ideas!


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