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Second Hand September & Second Hand October

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

I've been sharing on Instagram how I'm celebrating a movement called #secondhandseptember which spilled into #secondhandoctober. It's a challenge to buy used items for the month. The hope is to spread more of an awareness of how & what we consume. Where did the item come from? Who made it? What is this item made of? Currently I have a love/hate relationship with the fashion industry because I don't like the answers to these questions. Change is needed right now.

Clothing design is something I'm extremely passionate about. I love designing clothes and have been sewing since I was 12. I even moved across the country & changed my career partly for this passion. As I learned more about the fashion industry, I struggled morally. I didn't operate the way the successful fashion companies did. Being money hungry & cut throat were the keys to their success. More clothes & fast was important. And the companies who ran their companies ethically ended up closing.

Fast forward to the present and we're swimming in overproduction and deadstock materials. Cheap clothing manufacturing is toxic all around. It's not "cheap" by an means. Someone is paying the price. It's the underpaid & abused garment workers. Its the environment being polluted &

Blazer-second hand, tank-my son's, pants-sample sale, shoes-second hand

stripped of it's resources. And it's us. The consumer who believes we need "stuff" to feel complete.

Feeling down? Go buy that $5 dress. You'll feel better. Fast Fashion has changed our view about clothing. We boast about a "steal." No dress ethically made can cost $5. Fashion needs to change and it starts with us, the consumer. We can still love clothing but be more mindful about it. Support companies who run their business ethically. When you do buy new think about how much "price per wear" you'll get out of it. And thrifting is a great sustainable option. Which is why I'm so excited to share my new fashion journey!!! I'll be sharing how I style my thrifted outfits and how I thrift shop.

Even though these challenges are over, I learned to be more mindful about my purposes. It's become a way of life now.

Anyone else want to join me???

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2 comentários

Kirn Pitamber
02 de jan. de 2020

Thank you! I hope to be as thrifty as you! I will definitely share more!


Elena Zahid
Elena Zahid
02 de jan. de 2020

I am so in. Fantastic look , Kirn.

Share more of your finds!

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