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Making Gifts for The Holidays

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Making gifts is a tradition in our family. There is a reason we do this. I want my kids to see the value of a gift past the monetary value. Someone thought about you & wants you to feel special. Making something homemade & heartfelt is just as valuable as a store bought gift. By making gifts, the kids see the time and effort that goes into the gift. They help me shop for the ingredients. They think about who loves chocolate and who hates nuts. They design the packaging for the gift. They are becoming thoughtful humans.

Another reason I emphasize homemade gifts is because not everyone has the same income. Someone may be able to afford an expensive gift. We can appreciate the time and effort that went into researching this gift. Someone else may not be able to afford expensive gifts, but still wants you to feel special. Whatever their gift is, homemade or not, their time and effort and research are just as valuable. My hope is that when my kids receive ANY gift that they are appreciative.

Believe me, we still shop. Store bought gifts are mixed into our gift giving. Gift cards are amazing gifts too! It's all about being a thoughtful gift giver and an appreciative recipient. Teaching them that all gifts are valuable is my main goal.

And they seem to have a little fun in the process. Apparently raw banana bread looks like guts??? And somehow dancing is involved??? Just watch all the shenanigans in the videos below. Happy homemade gifting!!!

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