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Boys Like Unicorns Too

Updated: May 15, 2022

Yep, my son loves unicorns. He loves everything about this magical animal, especially clothing. We used to stay in the boys clothing section but he always found what he liked in the girls section. So when we go shopping it's now the "kids" section.

I have a child who is not timid about what he likes. Recently we were cleaning out our closets and came across this unicorn costume (picture above) I made for my daughter. My son fell in love with it and put it on right away. For him it was not a Halloween costume. And it definitely wasn't just for girls. It was simply something that made him happy. I admired how he didn't see any social rules and went with his bliss. I've seen too many adults get bogged down with should and shouldnt's, myself included. Finding true happiness gets much harder when it doesn't have to be.

How my kids identify themselves is up to them, not me. As a parent, I'm here to support and strengthen their true, authentic self. Restrictions because of a gender have no place in our home. There are no “girl” or “boy” toys. The only rule is play with what makes you HAPPY.  The same goes for clothing.

What is something you loved as a child or even now that doesn't fit into today's gender biases? What if you chose your happiness and tried it? Please share below!

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